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3D.sign - Kamil Jóźwiak - PL

Working with the team behind LutraCAD is a blessing. They respond immediately, are very helpful with their expertise and are super friendly. They not only gave us support within LutraCAD but enhanced it to our needs which has already made a huge impact on our workflow. Thank you, and keep up the great work.

HMScience - Dr. W. van Bakel - NL

Glad I was able to get acquainted with your software. Finally a software sublime in its simplicity. A pleasure to work with in my company. Everyone is charmed within HMScience about your product. The big advantage is that you do not need to motivate people to get started with this. Our experience that the current on the market being software still is somewhat more complex and therefore more difficult for the users, time-consuming and less flexibly, which means that our users have to invest time and sometimes be difficult to motivate. Service, simple courses that give you is at most enough to make it to get started. Recommended!

Podotherapie Waalwijk - Marianne van der Schans - NL

LutraCAD supplies us with our scanners for manufacturing therapeutic insoles. All our locations are provided with a 2D foot scanner. Because of this technology insoles are easier to mould. The drawn insoles are sent through their portal and ready for milling. Because of this working method, we can offer clients fast and tailored solutions. If needed, LutraCAD is open to customize the system and offer on location courses to familiarize you with the system. For us, LutraCAD is a pleasant business partner with who we’ll share many years of pleasant collaboration.

Buchrnhornen - NL

A couple of months ago we made the switch to using software from LutraCAD and we're very positive!

What we especially found appealing is the user-friendliness of the software. The steps are clear and logical, which made everyone optimistic about working with LutraCAD. Besides that, we like LutraCAD's broad availability of options, which allows ample room for the wishes and visions of different therapists to create thé perfect insole for their client. And very important, the quality of the milled insoles is excellently preserved due to the accurate software.

Aside from the software itself, we're also very pleased with the service offered by LutraCAD. The startup period passed by smoothly and our questions or comments were answered swiftly.

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