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Discover LutraCAD Last; software to help you design and produce lasts with LutraCAD's familiar user-friendly and efficient formula! We promise, with LutraCAD, what you see is what you get. The software provides users an easy step by step workflow and includes templates which can be merged with 3D foot scans. We leave the choice of templates up to you. No matter if you only have the nose of the last, the whole bottom foot including the heel/mid and corrections, or the complete leg lasts/EVO's. You get to choose which templates work best for each customer and situation.

LutraCAD Last's templates and 3D foot scans can be merged with the simple press of a button, allowing the template to change and fit the contours and heel lift of the 3D foot scan. The software will guide you through the subsequent steps of checking the last, performing corrections if needed, and polishing your final product. LutraCAD Last allows you to add or remove extra space, or smooth areas by clicking and dragging the left mouse button across the intended area.

LutraCAD Last is a fitting expansion on our LutraCAD Insole Basic and LutraCAD Insole Premium software packages but can also be used independently.


Include the LutraCAD manager. It keeps your information organized, bundles customer information, notes, and includes a search function, and allows for easy access to the CAD-system, your personal library, and the cloud.

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