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Keeping track of all your files and notes can be quite the undertaking, but you don’t need to fret when you install our software. LutraCAD Manager will assist you and keep your business uncluttered by bundling customer information and notes. It includes a search function and provides quick access to the CAD-system, your personal library and the cloud. Added 2D and/or 3D scans to newly added clients will automatically appear when a CAD-file is created and can be achieved directly from the Manager. After designing your insoles/orthotics or lasts you can order them at your supplier with a press on a button. Prefer milling or 3D printing yourself? Not a problem! Your milled files will be saved in the archive.

Since LutraCAD Manager is connected to the cloud it doesn’t matter who of your employees is helping your customer, they will always be able to access the needed information. No more time wasted on searching files and scattered post-its. You and your customer’s time will be spent more efficiently!

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