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Solutions that guarantee tailor-made insoles, shoe lasts and midsoles for your patients.

Our solutions
Our solutions

A varied total package

As a professional in foot care, you know how complex the matter surrounding good foot treatment is. All your care requires customization, and we have designed our solutions for that down to the last detail. You can contact us for a varied total package of software, scanners and service for the production of insoles, shoe lasts and midsoles.

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Our software is easy to use, intuitive and flexible. It allows you to build your personal library of your knowledge for designing your insoles, shoe lasts and midsoles.

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The perfect scan starts with the best scanner. You can contact us for both 2D and 3D scanners. From large to compact and portable equipment.

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Our services are fully geared to the best and most effective production possible. Whether you produce yourself or outsource: you can always count on our service.

Service and training

We are ready to inform and consult you

Our high-quality LutraCAD software is designed to make the process as easy as possible for you. And with our service we ensure that you are completely familiar in all the possibilities that the software offers.


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