CAD-CAM Design Software For Insoles and Shoe Lasts

The latest LutraCAD is software that makes designing insoles and lasts easy, fast en precise. Help your client get the best product to walk easier.

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LutraCAD software

User friendly

From the curious novice to the experienced expert, with LutraCAD anyone can design insoles/orthotics or lasts with just a few simple steps. LutraCAD is customizable to your personal needs by offering its users three different user levels that adapt the system interface and the available options to your experience and needs. The more advanced the user level, the more functions you will be able to influence.

Local, NAS or Cloud

LutraCAD gives you 3 options of storing files.

  1. 1. Local on your computer
  2. 2. On a shared drive or NAS
  3. 3. In the cloud

Local on your computer, a NAS or in the cloud. You have access to your files wherever you are by keeping your information securely stored on the cloud. So no need for fear of lost files if you were to lose your laptop!


You won’t be needing any expensive internal IT-teams to manage your business with LutraCAD’s user-friendly design, but you won’t have to be completely on your own either. Come find us in our online chat where we will support you towards a satisfactory and if needed tailor-made solution to your problem, or send us your questions by e-mail. We strive to answer within 24 hours.

Save time

spent more time with your customer

Step by step

clear step based design

Professional knowledge

developed with love for the profession

Monthly updates

monthly new functionality and performance improvements



1. Scan

With LutraCAD you have all you need to design and create insoles/orthotics or lasts in one neat package! Manually import your own 3D files or use a scanner. LutraCAD is compatible with most A3 scanners which can be operated from within our Manager software.

Our software can also operate 3D scanners/presure plates from different manufacturers. Contact us to validate if your 3D scanner is supported.


2. Design

LutraCAD is not only easy to use, designing insoles/orthotics and lasts also take less time than when using traditional methods while still consistently providing high quality products, and providing you with the flexibility to choose how you work. No matter your choice—scanners, manual measurements or previously saved models from your personal library—LutraCAD helps you design and manufacture foot support as well as happy customers.

Mill or print

3. Mill or 3D-print

3D printing is still “the new kid on the block”, but we’re willing to take them by the hand and see how they grow and develop for our market. The choice to join us on this innovative journey however, is completely yours. You can export your files to use on any milling machine or 3D printer. For insoles/orthotics you can also use positive moulds and three quarter insoles.

What is LutraCAD

LutraCAD is software for designing insoles/orthotics and shoe lasts, specifically designed to meet different user needs and experiences, and to streamline the process in terms of speed and ease, without sacrificing quality. LutraCAD is computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD-CAM) software, meaning you can use the process from beginning to end, from acquiring measurements to having the product ready for use.

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