Intuitive CAD for Custom Comfort

Craft Perfect-Fit Footcare Products: Effortlessly

Solutions that guarantee tailor-made insoles, shoe lasts and midsoles for your patients.

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See how it works
Next-Level Customization

Innovative Design Software

The most powerful, next generation software solution to design your fully customizable insoles, shoe lasts and midsoles.

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The best and most accurate

Scanning Solutions

At Lutracad you will always find the right 2D and 3D scanner for your application. From portable to fixed models with diverse functionalities.

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iPad with Structure Sensor scanner

Structure Sensor

Light weight scanning solution

With this easily portable iPad and Structure Sensor in combination with the LutraCAD App you can scan anywhere. 3D Scan, take pictures and fill in a specification form to get the data streamlined at the CAD location.

Service and training

We are ready to inform and consult you

Our high-quality LutraCAD software is designed to make the process as easy as possible for you. And with our service we ensure that you are completely familiar in all the possibilities that the software offers.


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