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Mill or 3D print your insoles and shoe lasts. Ready for the future.

LutraCAD Insole Software

Start designing your first insole today with easy to use software.

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LutraCAD Shoe Last Software

Design low and high lasts with ease. Use the beginner or advanced mode.

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Your Partner For Design Software!

Easily and quickly design your insoles and shoe lasts with LutraCAD design software. Give your customers the best product to walk better.

Why Our Software

LutraCAD software has been developed with pure passion to be the best in our field.

Save Time
Digital designing with the LutraCAD software saves you a lot of time! You design your insole and shoe last in a very short time. Spend more personal attention to your client.

Intuitive Interface
From beginner to expert, everyone can design insoles and lasts in a few simple steps. Have full influence on your personal design.

LutraCAD software is constantly in development and considers it important to receive customer feedback. We are always open to suggestions!

Our Vision

Professional Knowledge
By gaining many years of experience in practice, we understand market needs and keeps our software constantly in development.

Honest Advice
We always stay up to date of all ins and outs in the foot care industry. We gladly advise you with the digital design implementation within your company.

With the online chat function we are immediately ready for you! We can also be reached through various channels and try to give you a suitable answer within 24 hours.

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