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Streamline your clinic's shoe fitting process with our foil test shoes. Print them on-site, quickly adjust the digital last after fitting, and achieve a perfect fit immediately. This method significantly reduces shipping costs and time, enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction.

Bruto test shoe

Bruto test shoe

for low- and high-cut shoe lasts

Netto test shoe

Netto test shoe

for low- and high-cut shoe lasts

Test shoe and midsole

Test shoe and midsole

And heel support to test the shoe.

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Print test shoes directly in your clinic, eliminating the need for external ordering and delivery, thereby streamlining the fitting process. After fitting the test shoe, quickly adjust the digital shoe last, ensuring a precise and comfortable fit for each client right from the start.

Significantly reduce expenses related to shipping and handling by producing the test shoes in-house. Cut down on the wait times associated with ordering and receiving test shoes from external suppliers, speeding up the overall service to clients.

Provide a more responsive and personalized service, leading to higher client satisfaction due to quicker turnaround times and tailored fitting experiences.

Reducing shipping needs also means lowering your carbon footprint, contributing to more environmentally friendly practices.

For our test shoes, we use a special material that's really clear, but it's also bendy. This lets you see how the shoe fits on the foot while still being comfortable to wear.

Whether you're making low cut shoes or high cut shoes, our test shoes and shoe last software work for any style. No matter what kind of shoe or boot you're crafting, our system is designed to handle it all, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

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3D printing simplified

Our software makes 3D printing test shoes a breeze. You don't have to worry about figuring out the complex settings for each print job. We've already set everything up for you to work perfectly with your printer and the material you're using. All you need to do is click a button, and your design is ready to be printed. It's that simple – your design goes straight from the computer to the printer without any fuss. This means you can focus more on creating great designs and less on the technical side of printing.

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