Accuracy of 1 mm
Tripod compatible
Light weight (6 kg)
Flatbed 3D scanner
LX500 Compact

Flatbed 3D scanner

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LX500 Compact

The LX500 Compact is a 3D Scanner that also makes 2D scans. Ideal for on the road, thanks to its compact design. The LX500 instantly scans the plantar side of the foot within seconds.

Portable Scanner
Tripod Compatible
High Accuracy

1 mm

Scan speed 5-7 seconds

Technical specifications

Dimensions 540 x 290 x 80 mm
(21.26 x 11.42 x 3.15 in)
Weight 6 kg
Accuracy 1 mm
Nr. of cameras 1
Scan speed 5 to 7 seconds
Load capacity up to 200 kg


Direct foot scanning (fully-loaded, half-loaded and unloaded)
Foambox scanning
Positives scanning
Cast scanning for insoles
LX500 3D foot scanner

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