Mill and/or 3D print


With LutraCAD you can quickly and efficient produce a customized insole, last or midsole. Unlock endless possibilities with milling and 3D printing.

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Everything with one system

Take your milling to the next level with our easy-to-use toolpath generator. Compatible with any milling machine. Get the precision and flexibility you need to create stunning results. Upgrade your milling game today!

One-sided or two-sided milling
2D and 3D CAM
Compatible with any milling machine
For insoles, shoe-lasts and midsoles
Production image with insoles, shoe lasts and supplements with different production methods

FFF/FDM Printing

Ready for any printer

Revolutionize your workflow with LutraCAD's affordable and user-friendly solution. Effortlessly transition from traditional methods and enjoy multi-density insoles with ease. Our unique end-to-end solution has optimized printing settings and we regularly add new high-quality materials to expand your options. Experience the future of orthotic production today!

Pre-configured for multiple machines
Soft to hard materials
Print with Mosaic Array FDM printer Print with any FDM printer MJF TPU printed insole with a lattice structure

MJF/SLS Printing Nylon

Outsource to any partner

Transform your clinic with the latest in 3D printing technology. Experience the versatility and customization of 3D printed orthotic shells using high-quality materials like Nylon (PA11 or PA12).

Multiple heelpost options
Holes and patterns
Fully customizable orthotics
Compatible with any SLS/MJF printer
FormLabs Fuse 1 SLS printer MJF TPU printed insole with a lattice structure

MJF/SLS Printing TPU

Outsource to any partner

When you are interested in flexible materials, use our unique lattice structure that allows for multi-density insoles, providing superior comfort and support for your patients.

Multi-density insoles
High quality lattice structure
Compatible with any SLS/MJF printer
MJF printer from HP MJF TPU printed insole with a lattice structure


Perfect resin printed products

This technology stands out for its exceptional precision and resolution, making it ideal for applications requiring intricate details and smooth surface finishes.

Printing insole shells
Printing soft multi-density lattices
Fully customizable orthotics
Solidator Resin mSLA printer Resin printed insole

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