Mill or 3D print


With LutraCAD you can quickly and efficient produce a customized insole, last or midsole. If you produce for yourself or for third parties, no problem. LutraCAD is ready for every situation.

Our production options
Our production options

Own production

Use your own hardware

Produce your products with your own milling machines and 3D printers. Not sure yet which method you want to use? At the end of the design process you can choose which method you would like to use.

Easily switch between milling and 3D printing, 2 methods 1 workflow. Examples of milling materials; EVA, Polypropylene and MDF.
Examples of printing methods; FDM, FFF, SLS, SLA and MJF.

Our software generates standard g-code and isel-specific g-code. These toolpaths can be read by any milling machine.

Do you have multiple milling machines or cnc routers then you can configure all your machines. At the moment of positioning the products you can choose which milling machine or router you want to use.

The files that are exported out of our software can be used in any post-processor to generate the toolpaths for any milling machine and/or 3D printer.

Production image with insoles, shoe lasts and supplements with different production methods

Produce for third parties (b2b)

Outsource platform

To be able to produce quickly and efficiently, LutraCAD has set up a special platform for this. This way your customers can outsource their orders directly to you!

The production platform can be visited by you and your customers. All orders can be found quickly and clearly. Here you can find; order statuses, notes, order specifications or repeat an order.

For every type of customer. Do you receive a scan with specification form? Or the client desings themselves? All orders can be processed with the same workflow

If a customer has placed an order, it can be found on the production platform, from here the files can be downloaded and produced.

Do you want to make it as easy as possible for your client to outsource to you? This can be done easily via the LutraCAD scan applications or via the CAD software, where it is possible to fill in the specifications via a digital form and outsource directly from you.

It is possible to have LutraCAD with your own logo, style and colors (fully branded). This is available for all LutraCAD products.

Production image of 3 different insoles


Outsource to any partner

Do you want to make your own designs, but don't want to worry about producing them?

The files that are exported out of our software can be produced by anyone.

Within the total package of LutraCAD, an outsource platform is available specially designed for outsourcing. Many partners are connected to this and your order will immediately be visible for your chosen partner.

Via the LutraCAD platform you can also outsource to companies that are not LutraCAD partners. For example, it is not necessary to export a file yourself and place it as an attachment to an e-mail. Within LutraCAD it is possible to place an order and LutraCAD takes care of the rest.

Production of a complete set with blueprint, shoe last, midsole and test shoe

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