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LutraCAD Insole

With LutraCAD Insole you will be able to design insoles/orthotics based on 2D foot scans. Our unique CAD-system allows you to choose all your elements during your first step to creation. No need for one by one adding of elements! When there is a 3D scan available it gives the possibility to create Full-Contact insoles/orthotics based on the 3D foot scan.

Created from a user’s perspective, LutraCAD is simple, fast and based on a step by step principle.

LutraCAD Insole will be delivered with insole/orthotic patterns and a complete library of elements. A couple of functions this package offers are: heel rise, lay an area deep (example: metatarsal one), edit insole/orthotic thickness, change element heights, pronate / supinate and a height analysis through colours.

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LutraCAD Last

Discover LutraCAD Last; software to help you design and produce lasts with LutraCAD's familiar user-friendly and efficient formula! We promise, with LutraCAD, what you see is what you get. The software provides users an easy step by step workflow and includes templates which can be merged with 3D foot scans. We leave the choice of templates up to you. No matter if you only have the nose of the last, the whole bottom foot including the heel/mid and corrections, or the complete leg lasts/EVO's. You get to choose which templates work best for each customer and situation.

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