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Software for orthopedics and podiatrists

The perfect software to design your insoles and shoe lasts.

Insole Design

Design insoles/orthotics based on 2D and 3D scans. With an extensive library of elements and the possibility to add your own elements you can design any insole. Be guided step by step intuitive software.

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Shoe Last Design

Start designing low and high lasts with our user-friendly and efficient formula. An unique, what you see is what you get design process based on templates of your choice. Use our semi-automatic design method but still 100% customizable or manual method.

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Midsole Design

The LutraCAD Midsole CAD design software is an easy to use and powerful tool to design your midsoles. Midsoles can be designed based on designed lasts or scanned lasts.

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iPad 3D Scanner

Save time and money with the LutraCAD 3D Scanner. A portable scanner where it is easy to scan feet, create photos and add your notitions directly on the photo. It uses the Structure Sensor to make the 3D scans, no need to use dropbox, email or other third party software to import your scans in LutraCAD. Directly upload and download from the cloud!

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Additional modules

With this additional, your production becomes even easier. Think of (laser) cutting and the digital test shoe.

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Online demonstration?

Having questions or are you wondering how LutraCAD software can improve your business? Request a free live demonstration of our software. Please contact our team!

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