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Shoe Last Design CAD Software

Intuitive software to design the perfect shoe last.

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What You See Is What You Get

With our unique design method, you can use any part of your 3D scan and any part of your shoe last template. You can also only use a toe model and the rest of the 3D scan. Anything is possible and completely What You See Is What You Get.

Automatic shoe last design

We have 3 modes so that you can design lasts easily and quickly.

Fully-Automatic shoe last design
You only have to specify margins to make the fully automatic last and the last is generated for you.

Semi-Automatic shoe last design
With our semi-automatic mode you can design a last by dragging bars.

The moment the above modes are ready, you will always enter manual mode. Hereby you have 100% control over the shoe last and you can still make changes.

Own Template Library

After you digitize your shoe lasts, import them into the LutraCAD template library for your future shoe last design. Or modify shoe lasts from our existing library and change them as desired.


Get guided by LutraCAD's unique step-by-step user interface. We simplify your process by automatically defining measurements and real-time updating them as you modify the shoe last.

A-Z Process Integration

No need to work with third-party software, every part of the process can be managed from within LutraCAD.

  1. Start scanning with 1 press on a button.
  2. Easily design your shoe lasts.
  3. With the export button directly create CNC or 3D printer tool paths.

Open System

Our expertise is software and we want you to be able to work with any scanner, printer, milling machine and outsourcing lab. Therefor LutraCAD is an open system which can load any image or 3D object into our software.


After you merge your 3D scan with the templates. It is possible to smooth out the last, mark bones and add or remove material.

More Functionality...

We can do much more to lower your design time and production cost. A complete list of functionality can be found below.

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Tutorial videos about how does the software works and updates about LutraCAD Shoe Last software

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