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With our software you can create low cut, high cut and bespoke shoe lasts that can be milled or 3D printed. See what we can do for you below.

Low cut shoe last

Low cut last

Create low cut lasts based on 2D and/or 3D scans. Direct milled or 3D printed

High cut shoe last

High cut last

Create high cut lasts where the 3D foot scan is used as a basis. Direct milled or 3D printed

Bespoke shoe last

Bespoke shoe last

Use a 3D scan of a foot to automatically modify a bespoke shoe last to the foot size and shape. Direct milled or 3D printed

Feature highlight

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There is a clear streamlined step by step design process in our software. This makes the software easy to learn and use.

When making a high cut last, the foot is used as a base where a toe box is added and/or a sharp edge around the lateral side and heel.

The library can be expanded with digitally customized lasts and your own (digitized) lasts.

Within our software there are 2 design modes. A manual mode in which a number of actions have to be performed manually and a guided mode in which many steps are automated. While using the guided mode everything can still be adjusted to your own needs.

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Scan your feet

Scan directly from an integrated scanner, directly download scans and specification forms created with our iPad App or import external files (from your current scanners).

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Create your design

Use our accessible and user-friendly software to design the best custom shoe lasts for your client.

Your production method

Mill or 3D print

Our software exports in a general file format that can be used by any post-processor for milling and 3D printing. Do you not have a milling machine or 3D printer yourself? No problem! The files that are exported can be produced by anyone.

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Other benefits

LutraCAD's easy to use and streamlined process saves a lot of time.

If you need any help you can reach us by e-mail, phone or WhatsApp.

After a shoe last has been designed or imported, it can be converted to a midsole within a few steps.

Are you ready for the future and do you want to start 3D printing your shoe lasts? The software can export a watertight shoe last or a watertight shell (test shoe) where you can determine the thickness yourself.

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