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Unlock endless possibilities with our cutting-edge software. Whether you're designing low-cut, high-cut, or bespoke shoe lasts, our platform ensures precision for both milling and 3D printing. Explore our capabilities and see how we can revolutionize your creation process.

Low cut shoe last

Low-cut precision

Craft impeccable low-cut lasts using both 2D and 3D scans. Seamlessly ready for direct milling or advanced 3D printing.

High cut shoe last

High-cut excellence

Design high-cut lasts with unparalleled accuracy, leveraging detailed 3D foot scans as your foundation.

Bespoke shoe last

Tailored bespoke lasts

Transform any 3D foot scan into a masterfully tailored bespoke shoe last, perfectly mirroring the foot's unique size and contours.

Feature highlight

There is a clear streamlined step by step design process in our software. This makes the software easy to learn and use.

The library can be expanded with digitally customized lasts and your own (digitized) lasts.

Our cutting-edge software incorporates an "Auto Adapting" feature, designed to seamlessly modify the template to conform to a specified foot. This ensures precision and consistency, as the template is automatically reshaped and adjusted to align perfectly with the foot's contours and specifications. By leveraging advanced algorithms and intuitive design principles, the Auto Adapting process minimizes manual intervention and maximizes accuracy, providing users with an efficient and reliable method of shoe last design.

Our software makes adjusting 3D models easy. You can rotate the back and side views just by typing in numbers. Want to add or take away material? Just draw a polyline. It's simple, direct, and gets the job done without any fuss.

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At LutraCAD, we're not just pioneers in software development; we're champions of your vision for shoe lasts. We understand the nuances of the craft and the importance of flexibility in your process. Whether you're leveraging different scanners, or opting for outsourced solutions, our platform seamlessly integrates. And if you're all about in-house production? We've got you covered. By collaborating with trusted partners and rigorously testing machines and materials, we ensure that your shoe last creation process is as limitless as your imagination.

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