About us

We know how complex the matter surrounding good foot treatment is. All care requires customization and we have designed our solutions for this in a user-friendly way.

Our mission

LutraCAD develops everything in-house, has contact with experts and experiments a lot, which means that we have gained a lot of knowledge. In addition to our top products, we provide honest, tailor-made advice and are ready for our customers. All together, LutraCAD has become a top player in the market.

Our vision

LutraCAD stands for accessibility and user-friendliness. We give substance to this with intuitive solutions by creating simplicity or automating the process. We want everyone to be able to produce in their own way without the need of technical knowledge.

Introduction to orthopedics

As an architectural CAD designer Jordy started his job at an orthopedic company to digitalize the insole and shoe last process and learned crafting them by hand.


Jordy at the orthopedic course

LutraCAD was founded

It was an exciting time, and LutraCAD was founded.


Branding and logo we used for 10 years

First version of insole design software

After developing the software to design insoles for a year the first version is released. Focused on milling the insoles and designing with standard insole templates and elements.


First version of shoe last software

The company where Jordy worked also makes orthopedic shoes and wanted to optimize the process of designing shoe lasts. To achieve the first version of the shoe last software was developed.


Evolving to 3D printing

We have added the option to 3D print the insoles, since 2016 we have customers that 3D print with the LutraCAD software and since the beginning we have been adding new features and options to 3D printing.


Midsole software released

Many orthopedic companies requested the feature to design midsoles based on shoe lasts, we listened to our customer and released a new product to design midsoles within a few clicks.


Version 2 released

A big upgrade of the software, an upgraded look and feel. This release mainly focused on the user experience and performance.


iPad scan app released

A lot of customer want to have an easy way to scan the feet. For this reason we have developed a special app that can scan the feet with a Structure Sensor and simplified the process to open the files in LutraCAD.



We focused mainly on software because this was and still is our expertise. We have added four 3d scanners to our assortment to provide a more complete solution for our customers. Scan the plantar side, full foot, foam boxes with our scanners for a static location or the iPad.


Fit app

So far we have focused on the orthopedic and podiatric market, but while talking to our customers we heard a need for matching feet with shoe lasts to select the best fitting shoe last based on a 3D scan (best fit). The app can also be used to create custom orders and produce bespoke shoes.


A new step, a new look

We have been using the same look and feel for almost 10 years, it was time to grow up and take the next step in professionalize our brand.


About us

Our faces

Like many of the best products, everything starts with an idea and we start with it as a hobby, so does LutraCAD. In 2013, Jordy started working for an orthopedic shoemaker as a CAD designer for shoe lasts and insoles. He soon notices that the current software in the market is too limited for what he would like to achieve, and in his spare time he starts developing software that has evolved into LutraCAD. His brother Niels came into the picture in 2016, he knows a lot about technology as an Embedded Software Engineer and made his first website when he was 10 years old. These 2 sources of knowledge complement each other well and form a strong foundation for the company.

A fun fact. Where does the name come from?

Lutra is Latin for Otter, the surname of Jordy and Niels..
CAD stands for Computer Aided Design.

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