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With our software you can make different types of insoles with different production methods and materials for your orthotic supply. You can work with EVA, polyprop, positives, sandals for milling and 3D printing with FDM TPU and PP, SLS and MJF PA11, PA12 and more.

Full foot insoles

Full foot

Create full length soft or rigid insoles.

Rigid shells insoles

Rigid shells

Create rigid 3/4 length insoles.



Convert your designed insole to a positive.



Convert your design to a sandal model.

Feature highlight

With the right tools at hand you can make fast and accurate changes to your designs. For example use our trim line editor to drag the line from any origin and change the shape.

Introducing our extensive library of templates and elements, they can easily be modified and customized to meet your specific needs. With our intuitive editing tools, you can modify and adapt these models to your unique requirements, ensuring that your designs are both accurate and efficient.

Our advanced workflow allows you to easily design custom insoles for your customers with just one streamlined process. With a range of production options available, you can choose the most efficient and cost-effective method for your needs at any given time. Whether you prefer 3D printing, milling, or traditional molding techniques, our workflow makes it easy to switch between methods and produce high-quality insoles with ease. Take your business to the next level with our innovative solution for custom insole design.

Our software allows you to define multiple density zones within your designs, giving you complete control over the structure and support of your models.

Our system allows for seamless import of 2D and 3D scans, imprints, and pressure plate data. Work with the data types that are most convenient for you, ensuring that your custom products are always designed with maximum accuracy and precision.

Our software automates the workflow for designing custom insoles with macros, streamlining the design process and making it faster and more efficient. With our powerful automation tools, you can create custom macros that automate repetitive tasks and speed up the design process, saving you time and effort. This allows you to focus on creating high-quality designs that meet your customers unique needs, without getting bogged down in tedious manual tasks.

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At LutraCAD, we're experts in software development, and we're committed to giving you the freedom to work with any scanner, printer, milling machine, or service bureau/lab you choose. That is why we integrate with trusted partners, test the machines and materials, to give you the flexibility and quality you deserve.

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