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Insole Basic

You can start designing insoles/orthotics today with our 2D software: Insole Basic. This software includes the Manager software as well as our CAD-system based on 2D foot scans. LutraCAD: Insole Basic offers a step by step structure and user-friendly interface and will streamline the whole experience of designing and creating insoles/orthotics and is accessible for multiple user levels. It is delivered with a complete library of elements and patterns.

No matter if you prefer scanners of manual measurements, want to use previously assigned settings by colleagues or take all details and elements into your own expert hands in your design, and many options more, LutraCAD offers you the freedom to choose what best suites you and your practice.

Insole Premium

Our Insole Premium software expands our Insole Basic software with the addition of 3D software. You will be able to create 3D scans directly from within LutraCAD, use these 3D scans, create full-contact insoles based on those scans, use positive as well as negative moulds, create quarter length orthotics and 3D print your products!


Both software versions include the LutraCAD manager. It keeps your information organized, bundles customer information, notes, and includes a search function, and allows for easy access to the CAD-system, your personal library, and the cloud.

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