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Mill and 3D-print with one software package

With our software you can make different types of insoles with different production methods and materials for your orthotic supply. You can work with EVA, poly, positives, sandals for milling and 3D printing.

Full foot insoles

Full foot

Create full length soft or rigid insoles.

Rigid shells insoles

Rigid shells

Create rigid 3/4 length insoles.



Convert your designed insole to a positive.



Convert your design to a sandal model.

Feature highlight

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You design the insoles with one workflow, at the end of the process you decide if you want to mill or 3d-print, convert to a positive or to a sandal.

Our software automatically positions the 3D scans correclty and a first proposal for the insoles is generated. Not satisfied with the position? You are free to move and rotate the scans to your own needs.

Based on the size of the scan the software also suggest a shoe size for your client, which can be adjusted at any time.

After downloading a completed specification form, it can be used as the basis for a design. A proposal is automatically generated based on the specification form.

With LutraCAD it is possible to produce insoles with your preferred method of milling and 3D printing. Wether you use EVA, poly, positives, sandals or 3D print. Everything is possible with LutraCAD.

Our software generates standard g-code and isel-specific g-code. These toolpaths can be read by any milling machine.

Are you ready for the future and do you want to start 3D printing your insoles? The insoles that are generated are ready for FDM, FFF, SLS, SLA and MJF printing.

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Client manager

Organize your clients, easy and fast with our uncluttered client manager. Manage your clients, project, files and production in an organized structure for easy retrieval of information.


Design Software (CAD)

Intuitive, next generation software to design your insoles fast and cost efficient. One design flow to create a wide range of insoles. Create personalized designs with our supplied library or add your own elements, adaptations and patterns to your personal library.

Optimized for

Milling and 3D printing

We are here for you if you want to 3D-print or mill (CAM), our software is optimized to provide you the tools you need. Directly generate the toolpaths for your milling machine or export compatible files for any 3D printer. Don't have a milling machine or 3D printer yourself? No problem! The files that are exported can be produced by anyone.

Other benefits

The easy to use and streamlined process of LutraCAD saves a lot of time. A scan can be transformed into a personalized pair of insole within a few minutes.

If you need any help you can reach us by e-mail, phone or WhatsApp.

3D-Printed insoles can be personalized with text, company logo, hole patterns and reinforced on specific regions.

With our printable forms and personalized insoles you are MDR ready.

If you customized an addition or insole shape you can expand your library with your knowledge and specialization.

Do you have multiple milling machines and they have different settings? Within our software we can set-up templates per milling machine.

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