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Becoming A LutraCAD Hub

Streamline your production services, from receiving an order until delivery. LutraCAD works for CNC milling and for 3D printing.

Optimized Workflow

Your customer designs the insoles or shoe lasts liked they used to with LutraCAD software. With one press on a button they can order at your production facility. From here and beyond you can use our production platform and handle the order.

Production Platform

Within the production platform you can view your orders and download the files. You can create a production receipt, packing slip, track your order and find statistics.

Free Software

As a hub you can offer your customers free LutraCAD software. This gives you a great opportunity to get new customers.

Open System

We offer an open system, this means if your customers don't use LutraCAD they can still order via the Production Platform. This way you work with your trusted platform and still take all advantages of what LutraCAD has to offer.


View which customers do the most production, which EVA blocks are used most, see how long a production flow takes and many more statistics.

Automated Emails

Receive an email when a new order is created by your customer and update the customer in the production process.

Need more information?

Having questions or are you wondering how LutraCAD software can improve your business? Please contact our team!

- The LutraCAD Team

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