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Ultrafuse® TPS 90A

From our partner BASF Forward AM, Ultrafuse® TPS 90A. The non-slip soft touch gives it a distinctive haptics.

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BASF Forward AM's

Ultrafuse® TPS 90A

An elastomer based on the raw material SEBS is called Ultrafuse® TPS 90A. Using strong and flexible building blocks together creates a material with a wide range of applications.

Non-slip properties
Soft touch
Excellent layer adhesion


For printing Insoles
Spool net weight 750 g
Price indication 60 euro / 750 g
Number of insoles per roll +- 21
Ultrafuse® TPS 90A front photo
*The product data is provided in good faith and represents typical properties based on our current knowledge and experience; these data are not to be construed as specification limits or mini- mum values. Product properties may be changed without notice. This document does not create any liability, warranty or guarantee of product performance. It is the buyer’s responsibility to determine the suitability of Ultrafuse® products for the intended application.
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