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Additional Modules

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When the insole or orthotic is designed, then a DXF file can be generated for cutting out the topcover. Some benefits:

  1. High precision
  2. Perfect fit on top of the insole
  3. High production speed

Digital test shoe

It is possible to indicate corrections digitally and to add comments. This means that no physical shoe last need to be sent by post, but your employee can immediately indicate digital corrections. The CAD designed can view the comments at the drawing location and apply them directly to the shoe last. This saves time and money.

Scan repair

If the scan is not entirely correct, the scan can be repaired with this repair tool. For example, the following parts can be repaired:

  1. Repair errors in scan
  2. Clipping away unnecessary regions (such as the floor and table)
  3. Filling holes (reconstruct foot)
  4. Optimization of the scan

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