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3D printing insoles

Get full control of your insole with 3D printing. LutraCAD offers several different methods and options to print the insole like you need, including different printing methods like a solid, extrude or heel-block (polypropylene). Cut the insole, create regions for you elements, add different density and materials to the regions, add custom text, and select your preferred top layer.


For 3D printing everything you print needs to be watertight and airtight. With one click on a button, insoles can be converted to a 3D printable objects. You don't have to be a CAD expert to start 3D printing!

Multiple materials and densities

What if you want different materials or different densities? Use our built in button to cut the insole into separate parts, and add the desired properties to each region. For example: the heel cup can be a different density than the front foot.

100% Element Control

Even elements can be exported as separate STL files. With Ultimaker Cura or a different 3D printing tool you can import the elements in separate layers for different densities or materials. Have full control of your 3D printed insoles!

Custom text

Add custom text on the bottom of your insoles. Include a "Left" or "Right" text, customer name or order number on the bottom for future reference. Print what you want, when you want.

Top cover

Create a hard material insole with a soft top layer by adding a cover with chosen thickness over the full length of the insole.

And more...

LutraCAD provides more background functionality to produce the best 3D printed insoles available today. Want to know all possibilities? Contact us or request a free trial.

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