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Milling Insoles

The final step in the digital process for producing insoles is milling. Also known as Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). Read below what we can do for you.

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Generate milling toolpaths

It is possible to generate milling toolpaths directly from the software. No extra software is required, but your favorite CAM package can also be linked.

Double sided milling

Single-sided and double-sided milling is possible, so you can design the bottom side and you do not have to grind it manually.

Extensive Milling Table

Do you have a milling machine that can mill more than one pair? Then LutraCAD is perfect for you, by positioning multiple pairs in the software, they can be milled out in one go. Position them like you want and save material!

And more...

LutraCAD provides more background functionality to produce the best 3D printed insoles available today. Want to know all possibilities? Contact us or request a free trial.

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