How to add a photos?

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how to add a photos?

You don't have to add 3D scans, you can also add photos and comments to your order.

Time to finish: 5 minutes
Required: Internet connection
Required: Apple ID Required: LutraCAD iPad Scanner

Please note that there is also a YouTube video available for this tutorial.

Step 1

Click on the camera, the left icon for the left foot and the right camera for the right foot. It is possible to add multiple photos.

Add photos to your order

Step 2

Click on the button Photo to create a photo. Now it shows a static photo where you can draw on.

Note: When you don't want to use this photo click on Restart to retake the photo.

Click on Photo to take the photo

Step 3

Use the toolset on the left bottom to:

  • Change the color of the line
  • Change the thickness of the line
Draw your notes on the photo

Step 4

When you are done adding notes you can click on 'Done' to go back to home or click on 'Add' to add a second photo.

Add an extra photo

Step 5

Want to preview the photos? Click on the darkened icon to show the photo gallery.

On the right top you can add extra photos or click on the bin to delete the photo.

Preview the photos in the gallery

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