How to import an order into LutraCAD?

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how to import an order into lutracad?

Now we have our iPad Scanner ready, in this tutorial we will explain how to import the order into LutraCAD Manager.

Time to finish: 10 minutes
Required: Internet connection
Required: iPad with Scanner Required: Apple ID Required: LutraCAD Manager

Please note that there is also a YouTube video available for this tutorial.

Step 1

In the iPad app click on "Upload" button, the first time it will ask to login with your LutraCAD ID.

An order which has not been uploaded yet shows a red bar in front. An already uploaded order shows the "Reupload" button and a green bar in front.

Click on Upload button to upload to cloud

Step 2

Now the order is uploaded you open the LutraCAD manager. You can add a new client or use an existing client.

Create a new client or select an existing one

Step 3

Use the following steps:

  • Select the client
  • Click on "Scans" at the bottom
  • Click on "Import 3D"
  • Click on "Cloud"
  • Select the reference you entered when creating the order
  • Click on the "Download" button
Import from cloud by selecting your reference

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