Add a 3D scan

How to add a 3d scan

You have created a client and now want to add 3D scans, or you want to scan directly from LutraCAD. This guide will help you get started.

Time to finish: 2 minutes
Required: A 3D scan of a foot
Required: LutraCAD Insole or Shoe last software

Step 1: Open LutraCAD Manager

Open the LutraCAD Manager. After you have logged into your account:

  • Go to the tab 'Clients'
  • Select a client on the left handside
Selecting the correct tab 'Clients'

Step 2: Import 3D scans

After selecting a client

  • Click on 'Scans'
  • In the new dialog click on 'Add 3D'
  • Select import, one for left and one for the right foot
  • Select 'Both' if you have 2 files, if you only have 1 foot select 'Left' or 'Right'
  • Select the left foot
  • Select the right foot
  • A preview will be visible and click 'OK'
Import 3D scans

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