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How to delete a client

Once you no longer need information about your client. It is easy to delete all information. Please note: there is no going back once deleted.

Time to finish: 2 minutes
Required: A client inside the software
Required: LutraCAD Insole or Shoe last software

Step 1: Open LutraCAD Manager

Open the LutraCAD Manager. After you have logged into your account:

  • Go to the tab 'Clients'
  • Select a client on the left handside
Selecting the correct tab 'Clients'

Step 2: Delete client

After selecting a client

  • Click on 'DEL' (Delete) on the keyboard
  • A confirmation dialog will show
  • By confirming the client with all files will be deleted

Note: After deleting there is no way of getting the information back. Please create a backup beforehand.

Delete a client

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