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Biggest changes of version 2.0

We proudly present version 2.0 of LutraCAD to you, our customer in mind. When delivering new software updates every month and providing training and support at the same time, we get new ideas and feedback from our trusted customers. In this version big changes arrive which improve the usability and the ease of use of the software. Having ideas on how to improve our software? Please contact our team.

Pay per use

Instead of using a monthly or yearly subscription it is now possible to use our pay per use system. With this system you only pay for the insoles and lasts you export. If you are a startup you probably have low quantity and you can spread the use of tokens over multiple months.


Instead of getting overwhelmed by a lot of buttons. You now only get buttons which are available when selecting an object. This way you don't have 30 buttons when you actually can only use 5 of them. Select an element and you can only scale, change height and use the bounding box for example.


We reorganized the number of steps you use. In one of our previous updates we introduces confirm dialogs, don't use a different button to confirm but a dialog which states what needs to be done. For full contact insoles we reduced the number of steps from 11 to 7 steps.

Clean interface

The software now looks more modern and future proof. While changing the interface we also looked at usability. For all usability changes look at the detailed changelog.

3D printing

New great features have been added to customize your insole even further for 3D printing. Create density and material regions, export splitted regions, create an edge thickess and adjust the taper angle.

Having suggestions?

We have made more changes, for a full list see our complete changelog. If you have suggestions on how to improve LutraCAD or if you are in need of different functionality. Please contact our team!

- The LutraCAD Team

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