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How to use pronate and supinate

Time to finish: 2 minutes
Required: LutraCAD Insole software

To pronate or supinate an insole follow the next steps:

pronate and supinate instructions

  • Click on the icon shown below
  • Select the foot or feet you want to adjust
  • Select the area you want to pronate or supinate
  • Press "Enter" on your keyboard
  • Fill in the millimetres you want the selected insole(s) to pronate or supinate
  • Click on "OK" and the the pronation or supination is now adjusted

LutraCAD CAD recognises automatically if it is pronation or supination.

ATTENTION: by clicking on the dark grey arrow at the right bottom side, you have the possibility to increase the number of dots in the bounding box.


How to pronate and supinate using LutraCAD software


How to pronate and supinate using LutraCAD software

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