What's new

Release history

Version 3.0.5 (October 2, 2023)

  • New Feature: Set default export directory
  • New Feature: Subscriptions visible in client manager
  • New Feature: 2D images default scaling possible next to auto dpi scaling

LutraCAD Insole
  • New Feature: New 3D print material added: Polymaker PolyFlex TPU95
  • New Feature: New 3D print material added: Polymaker Polyflex TPU95A-HF
  • New Feature: New 3D print material added: Eolas TPU
  • New Feature: New 3D print material added: BASF Ultrafuse┬« PP
  • New Feature: New 3D print material added: PPprint P-filament 721
  • New Feature: New 3D print material added: FormFutura Centaur PP
  • New Feature: New 3D printer: Creality CR-M4
  • New Feature: New 3D printer: iSUN FLX2
  • New Feature: 3D Print: Rotate insole X degrees for maximum use of build plate
  • New Feature: 3D Print: Gyroid strategy added
  • New Feature: 3D Print: Print polypropylene vertical
  • New Feature: Formlabs PreForm Integration
  • Improved: Hole pattern now possible to set distance from edge of device
  • Improved: Arch height highest point detection improved
  • Improved: Rigid shell change strengthen smooth distance added
  • Improved: Compatibly with milling machines that support maximum 2 decimals
  • Improved: G-code CAM extension added .nc

LutraCAD Shoe Last
Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Smooth region from side view would always pick left device
  • Was not possible to save curves for for example strengthen
  • Multiple incidental minor bug fixes

Version 3.0.4 (July 5, 2023)

  • New Feature: Macro now able to play automatically when starting a new design
  • New messages added when something that is not possible is done
  • Languages now full name instead of abbreviation

LutraCAD Insole
  • New Feature: Lattice structure generation possible
  • New Feature: iSUN FLX4 added as 3D printer
  • New Feature: Replace milling table
  • New Feature: When cage is open CTLR+Z and CTRL+Y possible (undo / redo)
  • New Feature: Possible to import 3rd party STL generated insoles to modify and export for milling and 3D printing
  • New Feature: Custom size table now possible to set a height and width as well
  • Improved: Cleaned up export tab with unused options
  • Improved: Edit trim line speed

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Multiple incidental minor bug fixes

Version 3.0.3 (April 3, 2023)

  • New languages: French, Italian, Traditional Chinese
  • New feature: Switch between dark and light mode
  • New feature: Custom shoe size tables
  • New feature: Optimize your workflow with macros

LutraCAD Manager
  • New feature: Client view compact mode added
  • New feature: Duplicate document (design / scans)
  • New feature: Search functionality in production area
  • Improved: USOL Scanner feet now vertical after scanning

LutraCAD Insole
  • New feature: Reconstruct heel cup
  • New feature: Prefab insole setting to scale insoles in height as well
  • New feature: Add hole pattern shape on plantar side

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Multiple incidental minor bug fixes

Version 2.5.13 (March 6, 2023)

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Minimal bug fixes

Version 3.0.2 (January 11, 2023)

  • New Feature: Smooth 3D scan in mesh repair and design mode

LutraCAD Manager
  • New Feature: Delete library items
  • New Feature: Edit project name
  • New Feature: Give document a name
  • New Feature: Search option in customer projects
  • New Feature: Possible to duplicate milling table
  • New Feature: Milling spiral strategy now able to use 3D CAM
  • Mesh Repair: Cull disjoint pieces available
  • Improved: Customer name now visible on milling table

LutraCAD Insole
  • New Feature: Heel cup height setting added in mm
  • New Feature: Grab and pull trim line of insole
  • New Feature: Mirror insole and trim line
  • New Feature: Deform zone added to increase or decrease height of drawn oval
  • New Feature: Smooth whole insole
  • New Feature: Hide and show insole slider added
  • New Feature: Remembers previously used general configuration
  • New Feature: Automated slicing added for Raise3D E2
  • Improved: Adding text completely renewed and made more user friendly
  • Improved: Measure now possible under an angle
  • Measure available in library mode
  • Increased user friendly messages when action is not available
  • Amputation settings hidden until enabled

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Strengthen area would not smooth correctly if insole would be crossed 2 times
  • Analysis mode would not show intersections
  • Production pages were not scrollable
  • Measurement can now be moved
  • Milling table warning message now shows correctly
  • Milling table toolpath generation fixes
  • Migration from V2 problems solved
  • Was not possible to disable mold forefoot extension

Version 2.5.12 (October 3, 2022)

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • Export messages clarified
  • Pull to 3D scan now compatible with foambox / impression box
  • Library shoe lasts also brown color

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Midsole would always use right shoe last heel lift

Version 3.0.1 (September 30, 2022)

  • New language available: Polish

LutraCAD Manager
  • Mesh Repair: Now compatible with disjoint pieces
  • Mesh Repair: Now possible to delete region
  • Mesh Repair: Boundingbox available

LutraCAD Insole
  • New Feature: Toe filler options for amputation
  • New Feature: Rigid shell can now have a custom shape heel post
  • New Feature: Analysis tool (height at mouse position + cross section)
  • Improved: Smooth region now has a gradient transition
  • Improved: Pronation and supination now available in degrees
  • Improved: Skive manual now available in manual mode

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Manager: Import elongated 2D scans would fall over next button
  • Insole: Bottom design would also be adjusted by boundingbox in Z-Axis
  • Insole: Hole pattern did not work with Rigid Shell device with morton extension enabled

Version 2.5.11 (August 10, 2022)

  • APD more colors now available in CAD

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Convert to FlipFlop now works correctly in all views
  • After undoing Fullcontact Accept now shows contour preview again
  • Pronation/Supination view would not refresh
  • Semi automatic mode / beginners mode checkbox would not be remembered
  • Milling table would not generate side

Version 2.5.10 (May 19, 2022)

  • APD pressure plate files are not red / yellow anymore, but contain more colors

LutraCAD Midsole
  • More clearly what side you are working on and if you are working on medial or lateral trim line

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Remove cast checkbox should not be needed to be checked to continue
  • Now opens correct toolbar when PodoPrinter add-on is installed and opening existing extrusion or heel post file

Version 2.5.9 (April 5, 2022)

  • Minor improvements

LutraCAD Insole
  • Save after 3D Print Solid used

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • Element merge now closes bounding box automatically

Version 2.5.8 (March 30, 2022)

LutraCAD Insole
  • Heel post can now create different thicknesses for left and right
  • Possibility to disable Fullcontact Edge Smooth
  • Order insole does not convert Export button anymore, now ordering is an option when export pressed

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • Possibility to offset 3D scan when removing cast
  • Possibility to change last export resolution (low, medium, high)

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • 3D print plantar design would not scale correctly with Fullcontact insoles
  • Smart Lasso would not find correct object after specific actions

Version 2.5.7 (January 4, 2022)

  • Minor improvements

LutraCAD Manager
  • Right mouse click on new file to only create a new file without opening CAD system
  • LX-Series now use maximum 2D image size

LutraCAD Insole
  • 3D Print extrusion flatten heel function renewed

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • When measuring 3D scan also possible to also measure last with same references
  • Smart Lasso now also works on foot and template models
  • Smooth sculpting tool now also works on foot models
  • Smooth selected improved

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Problem solved for round edge with extrusion in combination with library 3 quarter length insoles
  • Last: Pull to mesh did not work correctly when only right last visible
  • Small improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.5.6 (October 7, 2021)

LutraCAD Insole
  • New feature: Possible to have insole in different thicknesses (toe, ball, heel)
  • New feature: Possible to manually merge elements with Podiatry insoles
  • Improvement: If "prepare for milling" is used or "generate gcode" will prepare only the designed insoles. If only 1 fullcontact insole generated will only prepare this side.
  • If "prepare for milling" used will delete 2D and 3D scans. These are generally in the way in this stage.
  • Multiple messages added when combinations of milling table settings are not possible

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • 3D Print extrusion insole thickness would not take decimals
  • Would not merge shoe last in semi-automatic mode when BoundingBox was open
  • Shoe last software side images would become transparant
  • Midsole right side now calculates correct values

Version 2.5.5 (July 29, 2021)

  • New feature: Possible to set different export formats for insole, shoe last and midsoles

LutraCAD Manager
  • New feature: Directly scan from the LutraCAD 3D Scanners
  • STL files now visible in manager
  • DMT Import

LutraCAD Insole
  • New feature: Possible to make a plate extension for positive molds
  • Update: Generating g-code for a mold now mills over the edge for better results

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • 3D print forefoot post would not be trimmed correctly

Version 2.5.4 (May 26, 2021)

LutraCAD Manager
  • New feature: Search within your iPad scans on reference

LutraCAD Insole
  • New feature: Generate MDR (Medical Device Regulations) PDF forms for production and client.
  • New feature: Possible to mirror the hole pattern curve to other side
  • New feature: While generating heel post now possible to set different angles for left and right
  • New feature: When going from design to milling table will save the file as a new file

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • New feature: Show differences between foot measurement and current last measurement

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Milling table module would not show existing milling tables when multiple export locations were set

Version 2.5.3 (April 28, 2021)

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Plantar support would not work correctly at the heel region
  • Sink would not work correctly when a dot was used instead of comma
  • 2D scans would also get transparant in shoe last software
  • When starting an insole from a "Library" model that contains a 3D plantar design would take length of plantar design instead of insole to determine size
  • 3D print plantar design will now be mirrored when customizing the contour manually and want to mirror the template
  • After undoing customize manual will also update the contour preview
  • After finishing create hole pattern for 3D printed insoles now shows correct toolbar
  • Hole pattern would not use the correct settings if no preview generated with the settings that should be used

Version 2.5.2 (April 8, 2021)

LutraCAD Insole
  • Generating g-code sink now compatible with offset strategy

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • With 3D print solid plantar design would be imported with 0mm width

Version 2.5.1 (April 6, 2021)

LutraCAD Manager
  • Software will optimize STL 3D scan when mesh repair or merge 2 scans is used if files are bigger than 7.5MB

LutraCAD Insole
  • New feature: Possible to create hole pattern with 3D Print Extrusion and Heel post
  • New feature: Automatic heel skive based on mm
  • When preparing for milling table directly from design now shows both insoles if one was hidden so both will be visible in the preview
  • Possible to change height with 1 button click of Ortho insole
  • 3D Print Custom text now compatible with spitted parts
  • 3D Print Custom text dialog text updated
  • In sub-menu of mirror show button mirror selected to clarify
  • 3D Print Solid message when software detects problem with insole and suggest solution.

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • New feature: Multiple viewports possible
  • New feature: Custom viewport layout possible
  • New feature: Possible to pull the last to a 3D scan (mesh object)
  • Improved feature: build up last models based on 3D scans lower than 165mm
  • Improved feature: merging template and foot now improved end result on lasts lower than 165mm

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • When exporting only left or right and together in one file would still export both insoles in one file
  • When starting Orthopedic-Insole would not show example of chosen shape
  • When export location get empty text box would throw exception next restart

Version 2.5.0 (February 15, 2021)

  • Fixed couple of missing translations
  • APD files compatible with only 1 frame
  • New feature: download custom order form from iPad app
  • New feature: Create multiple export locations

LutraCAD Manager
  • Cloud iPad imports pagination added

LutraCAD Insole
  • New feature: Possible to add text on custom locations on insole
  • New feature: Possible to increase thickness for 3D Print Extrusion and Heel Post at given location
  • Automatically merge podiatry elements for 3D Print Solid
  • Possible to create a Top-Cover for podiatry insoles
  • 3 quarter length heel post function front rounded edge improved
  • Heel post now has maximum heel post angle
  • Heel post length with 0% now generates 3D print extrusion
  • Better automatically center text with 3D printable insoles
  • 3D Print Solid for Flip-Flop moved to sub-menu "Tailoring"
  • When positive molds hide commands, because they are not usable
  • Delete 3D Print plantar designs when converted to positive molds
  • Convert to positive mold now also first merges elements to optimize speed

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • New feature: Possible to add elements to the library
  • Possible to remove cast with a decimal number example: 1.3mm
  • If importing a 3D scan with library last does not delete 3D scan of other side if other side already exists

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • 3D print extrusion with flatten heel part now text works correctly
  • Shoe last element height correct when dot is used instead of comma

Version 2.4.6 (January 4, 2021)

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • Hot fix.

Version 2.4.5 (December 23, 2020)

  • Preparation for subscriptions

LutraCAD Manager
  • New feature: Possible to import USOL/UPOD directory when exported from original software
  • New feature: Import order from cloud without creating client manually, but created automatically

LutraCAD Insole
  • Disabled possibility to add flown elements to library
  • 3D Print Solid - Elements will be merged with insole

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Topcover enabled for 3D print solid would hide insole

Version 2.4.4 (December 15, 2020)

LutraCAD Manager
  • Cloud import new method: Two feet in one scan with the floor
  • When RSScan scanner is used automatically close scan when Last is chosen

LutraCAD Insole
  • New feature: create 3D Print Solid plantar designs in combination with custom shape/templates
  • New feature: 3D Print Solid to not have a straight extrusion to plantar design, but can also be round
  • New feature: to choose what to export with 3D printable insoles (left, right, both)
  • New feature: directly go from to design to generating g-code
  • New feature: possible to merge elements that don't flow or are already flown on top of the insole
  • 3D Print Solid Flip-Flip now compatible with sinks
  • 3D Print Extrusion/Heel Post dialog now compatible with smaller screens
  • Hide Orthopedic Insoles from the list when they don't exist
  • Orthopedic short inlay with full length extension disabled to prevent 3D Print problems
  • Generating G-code now shows progress

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • After merging imprint + dorsum shoe last detection will now automatically detect scaling and orientation
  • Improved: In beginner mode the feet will be positioned better

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Cloud import downloads without color
  • When element is not flown on top and then convert to 3D Print Solid would rarely not generate insole
  • In Shoe Last module when foot was measured and then template added template would be grouped with foot
  • In Shoe Last module manually imported 3D scans now scale correctly
  • Flip-Flop would rarely not join and therefore not converted to 3D Print Solid

Version 2.4.3 (November 16, 2020)

LutraCAD Insole
  • Possible to turn off auto trimming scans on 50mm height
  • Possible to use sinks on podiatry insoles with heel lift
  • Possible to convert slipper models to 3D print solid with a straight extrusion
  • Increased accuracy for elements to flow on top of insole
  • Cloud import dialog now compatible with smaller screens
  • When positioning 2D scans, the 2D scans will stay unlocked while using other functions
  • Enabled bend on Orthopedic insoles
  • Remembers current view and visible sides with heel lift
  • Possible to enable bottom design for 3D print solid when starting a design with a LutraCAD template
  • When FullContact preview is visible and only 1 side is visible will now hide other side

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • New solution for merging template and foot

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Smart lasso did not recognize left last when left and right exists
  • Element on element flow showed dialog calculating to early
  • While using BoundingBox in shoe last software objects would stay locked when undo was used in combination with a BoundingBox

Version 2.4.2 (October 7, 2020)

LutraCAD Insole
  • Possible to flatten the heel when using 3D Print Extrusion
  • Possible to create sub directories in library insoles
  • Possible to use long and short heel lift

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • Smart lasso function added
  • Display minimum token amount message when not enough tokens in account
  • Disabled mirroring control points and boundingbox points

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • In rare occasions element would become invalid for 3D print solid
  • If disconnect license was enabled would not correctly check what type of license was used after connecting new license
  • 3D print solid with sinks would rarely fail because of solid orientation of sink
  • 3D print splitting the insole compatible would give wrong result sometimes with closed split curves

Version 2.4.1 (September 8, 2020)

  • Possible to keep license connected

LutraCAD Insole
  • Hide "None" in the export dialog
  • Possible to mirror a skive
  • Possible to not flow elements

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • Import 3D scan function now asks for rotation

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Would not put letters on insole when rw combination

Version 2.4.0 (August 19, 2020)

Rhino 5 is no longer supported. Do not update to this version or newer if you are using Rhino 5.

  • iPad orders can be shared with other parties
  • Switching license between computers simplified
  • After logging in non-available licenses grayed out text

LutraCAD Insole
  • Generating Full-Contact preview not repeatable or undo-able
  • 3D Print heel post length adjustable
  • 3D Print settings remember last used settings
  • 3D Print Solid straight extrusion for flip-flip or sandals
  • 3D Print Solid possible to customize edge thickness
  • Small user friendly improvements
  • Possible to calculate insole thickness from zero instead of lowest insole point
  • Possible to switch between milling tables while positioning insoles
  • Possible to copy insoles while designing milling table

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Sometimes would not create 3D print heel post, because of specific elements
  • iPad imports would only set correct scaling for left scan
  • Would not load files with linear dimensions
  • Several small bug fixes

Version 2.3.8 (July 13, 2020)

  • RSScan pressure plate import now enabled
  • 3D scans swap left and right
  • Standalone test shoe can now open existing test shoe files

LutraCAD Insole
  • Heel post now possible to set different thickness for rear, mid and front
  • After custom editing fullcontact contour asks to mirror new shape
  • Views are not undoable and repeatable

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • VLOT import now special character compatible

Version 2.3.7 (May 27, 2020)

LutraCAD Manager
  • Not possible to use , (comma) when creating a new customer

LutraCAD Insole
  • Possible to determine heel post angle

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Mesh repair buttons now visible again

Version 2.3.6 (May 26, 2020)

  • Possible to import OBJ files with MTL references for colored Meshes
  • Possible to import pressure plate (.apd) information
  • Scaling of 3D scan from cloud and mesh repair automatically detected in CAD software
  • 3D scan orientation from mesh repair to CAD software automatically detected

LutraCAD Manager
  • Add 3D Scan button now also visible on smaller screens
  • Scans button now also visible on smaller screens

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • Positioning foot in semi-automatic/beginnersmode improved

LutraCAD Midsole
  • Grips to adjust curve are bigger
  • Now locks last to prevent moving it accidentally

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Midsole solidify would not always make the right midsole solid
  • Midsole import left and right would be lasts would be grouped

Version 2.3.5 (April 28, 2020)

  • Import from iPad scanner (cloud) activated

LutraCAD Insole
  • CTRL + S button now uses LutraCAD save functions
  • Skive now compatible with low heel cup
  • Skive default type set to Medial
  • Custom measure function to dynamically draw distance

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • CTRL + S button now uses LutraCAD save functions
  • Custom measure function to dynamically draw distance
  • Merge template and 3D scan improved

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • 3D Print splitted insole now does not export dubbel

Version 2.3.4 (April 21, 2020)

LutraCAD Manager
  • Possible to create custom settings for RSScan scanners

LutraCAD Insole
  • Does not reload Quickbar when doing undo/redo
  • 3D Print Solid split elements checked by default
  • 3D print split elements improved
  • 3D print split close curve button added
  • 3D print custom 3D print plantar shape

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • Automatically close BoundingBox after scaling template automatically
  • Convert to button improved
  • Possible to offset test shoe inwards

LutraCAD Midsole
  • Live preview when designing the midsoles

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Possible to open Insole Analysis mode only once at the same time
  • Hide Isolate function when 3D Print Solid has been split and no objects selected
  • German last toolbar now shows correct language also in other Rhino localization's than English
  • Several small bug fixes

Version 2.3.3 (February 28, 2020)

  • MidSole: Automatically fill in the missing value (example: fill in heel thickness, ball thickness, automatically determine heel height)
  • MidSole: Possible to create an edge thickness when using solidify

LutraCAD Manager
  • Possible to flip and rotate 2D scans when importing images
  • Message adjusted when 2D scanner is not found

LutraCAD Insole
  • Possible to create heel edge thickness with 3D Print Heel Post
  • Possible to create custom plantar shapes for 3D Printing

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • New convert to button
  • Possible to convert to 3D print
  • Possible to convert to fitting shoe
  • Possible to convert to mid sole
  • Heel lift now also possible on 3D scan if no lasts found in document
  • When using BoundingBox it is now possible to select on top of other geometries
  • When adding an element now easier to see position, because of normal/transparant view

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Smooth convert 3 quarter length insole now always correct location
  • Randomly 3D print extrusion offset not correct
  • Fixed bug where arrow keys did not work to move objects
  • When adding element and canceling command with last design now deletes the element
  • After using LutraCAD Save and Exit button does not ask for Rhino save anymore

Version 2.3.2 (February 14, 2020)

LutraCAD Manager
  • Preparation for direct import from cloud

LutraCAD Insole
  • Heel post function improved

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Sending a file via e-mail would give error
  • Multiple small bug fixes

Version 2.3.1 (January 23, 2020)

LutraCAD Manager
  • Possible to purchase tokens directly from the LutraCAD Manager

LutraCAD Insole
  • Possible to merge elements instead of flow them
  • Possible to give 3D print extrusion an edge thickness

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Order system does not show drop down menus
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 2.3.0 (January 14, 2020)

LutraCAD Manager
  • Possible to clean up and repair 3D scans

LutraCAD Insole
  • Possible to have different sizes for left and right insoles
  • Possible to measure height on specific points
  • Possible to create a cross section of the insoles
  • Possible to isolate selected objects (hide all other objects)

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Small bug fixes

Version 2.2.10 (December 12, 2019)

  • Now possible to set a cool down timer when scanning

LutraCAD Manager
  • 3D print solid now checks if skin is thicker than 0.5 mm to prevent holes in print
  • 3D print text mirrored after Rhino update
  • 3D print possible to automatically split elements with 3D print solid
  • Now remembers the correct element height after flowing

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • Now possible to measure 3D scans
  • Merging template and foot improved
  • Possible to export midsoles

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • With pay-per-design 2D scans not visible in transparant mode
  • Beginners mode template import custom library location not correct location
  • Library add low last or template would be added wrong if basis was right last or template
  • MM size table would not load correctly

Version 2.2.9 (October 1, 2019)

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • Improved scale basic profile/template to 3D scan
  • Now possible to export lasts watertight
  • Now possible to export mid soles with pay-per-design

LutraCAD Insole
  • Undo flow element button
  • Now possible to create multiple milling tables

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Would not show bounding box icon when designing new insole template

Version 2.2.8 (September 19, 2019)

  • Now possible to make notes per design
  • Now possible if only manager available to create empty files to make notes
  • Now possible to move the complete library to a different location

LutraCAD Insole
  • Now remembers if LutraCAD elements need to be shown
  • Now possible to use full contact with scan of 1 side

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Merging 3D scan and template for last improved
  • If complete license and designing a last would sometimes show insole Quickbar
  • Would show podiatry elements when orthopedic insole is used

Version 2.2.7 (September 3, 2019)

  • LutraCAD 3D preview lightning adjusted to be able to view 360 degrees of 3D scan

LutraCAD Manager
  • Possible to delete existing milling table

LutraCAD Insole
  • PDF export scaling now working with Windows Display Scaling Settings
  • Improved automatically positioning for 3D scans
  • More accurate insole height detection
  • Possible to activate Clipping Plane from any view
  • Possible to set shoe size by mm
  • Customize manual now compatible with sinks
  • Right mouse click on top view will show bottom view
  • Height lines also visible in front and rear view
  • 3D scan dimension detection

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Would not import sink if the name contains a space
  • Font size would randomly increase
  • When setting Rhino for first time would sometimes not load Rhino settings
  • Customize manual on right insole would sometimes focus on left insole

Version 2.2.6 (August 20, 2019)

  • New language added, Simplified Chinese
  • LutraCAD now remembers if design is insole or last
  • No need to choose which Rhino to use when only 1 version available when booting for first time
  • Language adjustments
  • 2D scans visible from side view
  • Milling table module

LutraCAD Insole
  • Flip-Flip transform also compatible with podiatrist-insoles
  • When automatically determining insole height never go above 35 mm

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • When 2D scans are made or imported in combination with small screen resolution would not show whole image

Version 2.2.5 (July 25, 2019)

  • .lutra files now save mesh geometry (3D scans)
  • Order system now multi-language

LutraCAD Manager
  • Possible to rename files
  • After scan or import 1 image you can now rotate the image

LutraCAD Insole
  • Convert to flip-flop
  • When filling in a shoe size with fullcontact insoles LutraCAD now gives a suggested shoe size
  • Possible to make a milling table Z-Axis correction to calibrate insole thickness

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • When in beginnersmode for last design will now zoom extends with the 3D scan
  • When in beginnersmode for last design and reposition locations will now hide the 2D scans
  • Always draw smooth tool's smooth area in front of last
  • Automatically hide and show beginnersmode when focus of Rhino is lost and gained

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • When using heel rise and elements were not flown yet would also put elements on heel rise which could give problems
  • When a 2D scan was made and cancelled pressed could not immediately scan again, but needed to close pop-up first and re-open

Version 2.2.4 (June 25, 2019)

  • Added extra dialog's to make actions more clear
  • USOL 3D Scanner now compatible
  • When double clicking .lutra file and pressing export now exports with opened file name

LutraCAD Insole
  • When adding a new shape/pattern will now automatically close the boundingbox when accepting
  • Heel lift: not possible to put letters in the dialog
  • Create sink: now always ends in transparant mode

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • Import 3D scans added in LutraCAD Menu-Bar
  • With pay-per-design now saves measurement curves

Bug fixes and small improvements
  • Insole height: when pressing cancel would remove red contour
  • Insole height: when pressing cancel and there was already a preview, show this preview again
  • Insole height: force show 3D scans
  • When already generated a preview and starting over a new insole now resets red preview
  • When starting a fullcontact insole and using analysis now hides fullcontact template
  • When scanning with a 2D scanner would give error when starting a new design
  • When pay-per-design is on, would not load own created shape/pattern

Version 2.2.3 (June 11, 2019)

LutraCAD Insole
  • MoveUVN for Smoothing not working
  • Not possible to move insoles around to prevent problems
  • Selected objects now red so selected points are more visible
  • To continue buttons now red

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • MoveUVN for Smoothing not working
  • Selected objects now red so selected points are more visible

Bug fixes
  • Add 2D scan for template/shape in insole software would not show commands
  • When creating template/shape now shows correct commands
  • Would not load open meshes in the last software
  • Small text improvements
  • After replacing 3D scan in insole software would show fullcontact template

Version 2.2.2 (June 4, 2019)

LutraCAD Manager
  • While scanning with RSScan iQube or Tiger will show loading screens and extra checks for connecting correctly
  • Loading client files performance increased
  • Delete client, files and scans can now be done by using the context menu
  • Open mail client and automatically add selected designs as attachments

LutraCAD Insole
  • 3D Print split now tells if a curve is not usable (self intersecting curves)
  • PointsOn will now be shown when selecting a curve
  • 3D Print always exports in separate files
  • Possible to export as 3DM for Rhinoceros 5
  • Possible to put a logo on the bottom of 3D printable insoles
  • Possible to export the contour of the insoles in DXF format
  • Loading screen when flowing elements
  • Loading screen when exporting files
  • Delete button added (bin)

LutraCAD Shoe Last
  • Possible to turn measurements off or on like ball, lower waist, higher waist, heel circumference
  • Possible to export as 3DM for Rhinoceros 5
  • Mirror right side image

Bug fixes
  • Would not lock 2D scans after accept
  • Update available pop-up behind other dialog
  • 3D print split now works again with closed curve
  • 3D print heel block text now always just in front of heel block
  • If side image is visible in Last software and taking measurements, side images stand in the way
  • Remove cast would sometimes go wrong direction
  • Fixed missing translation in last design beginners mode
  • Manager main tabs not rendered correctly when using Client mode
  • Manager file duplication can now be cancelled
  • When licence does not contain any design products, don't try to open
  • When pay-per-design active could not create custom shapes/templates in insole software

Version 2.2.1 (April 16, 2019)

LutraCAD Manager
  • Possible to open .lutra files directly by double clicking them from explorer
  • Refresh order tab when clicked
  • Place order text replaced with Current orders

LutraCAD Insole
  • Refresh Quickbar after undo/redo
  • Will not generate insole thickness if set to 0
  • Possible to delete 3D Print Split Curve from library

Bug fixes
  • 3D print split multiple bug fixes

Version 2.2.0 (April 8, 2019)

LutraCAD Manager
  • Make copy of existing design
  • Automatically adjust toolbars when order system is active

LutraCAD Insole
  • 3D Printable insoles can also be ordered now
  • 3D Print and 3D Print Split now visible in Quickbar
  • 3D Print Split add curve and split 1 workflow
  • Possible to create 3D Print Split curve library
  • Different places now tells it's about mm
  • Calculating pop-up when generating 3D printable insoles
  • Possible to turn control points on when selected a 3D scan to delete noise
  • Possible to hide LutraCAD elements
  • Possible to show podiatry elements for fullcontact insoles
  • MoveUVN to smooth insole added in menu bar

Bug fixes
  • No buttons when creating an Insole Library Template/Shape
  • Pay per design could open 3DM files, but could not save
  • Beginnersmode automatically taper would go wrong if toes do not stick out at the top
  • When insole floats in the air insole thickness not correct for milling
  • Minimum 3D print extrusion/heel block thickness is now 0.5mm
  • When no fullcontact preview is generated, but accept button is pressed will automatically accept insole
  • Quickbar buttons would disappear when all points selected if boundingbox active
  • Topview zoom out little further so Quickbar never in front
  • When boundingbox active and flow/trim elements is pressed would get wrong result

Version 2.1.1 (March 14, 2019)

LutraCAD Manager
  • Upgraded to x64

Bug fixes
  • If buttons are used from Quickbar Rhinocers loses focus and you can't use arrow keys, delete and enter key
  • After 3D Print Split will show basic functions in Quickbar
  • 3D Print Heel Block (Polypropyleen insole) was broken
  • Quickbar in front of 3D Print dialogs

Version 2.1.0 (March 5, 2019)

LutraCAD Manager
  • Possible to open Clipboard.dat file with client information to automatically create or load client

LutraCAD Insole
  • Possible to export as 3DM files
  • Position 2D scan pop-up smaller and centered
  • Quickbar now hides when Rhinoceros not on top
  • 3D Print Split now works with closed curves

LutraCAD Last
  • Possible to export as 3DM files
  • Position 2D scan pop-up smaller and centered
  • After merging foot scan and template would cut of part of nose model

Bug fixes
  • Library - complete insoles was broken
  • Empty fields found orthopedic/podiatric insole pop-up now in foreground
  • Tokens left message was always Dutch
  • Logo when custom skin active and selecting file was still LutraCAD logo
  • Would not completely close BoundingBox with ESC key
  • 2D Scan result not always top most => now hides all other dialogs
  • In milling tab hide all *bak files
  • When exporting insoles and cancelling at a dialog insole thickness would not be deleted
  • Quickbar hide submenu when hovering over button without submenu
  • Quickbar hide when selecting points on 3D scan
  • 3D Print Split would not export separate parts
  • 3D Print Solid would rarely self-intersect
  • 3D Print Solid would not generate if insole thickness thinner than 1 mm

Version 2.0.0 (February 5, 2019)

Read more about the update

LutraCAD General
  • Rhinoceros 5 developments stop and only Rhinoceros 6 plugins will get new features and bug fixes
  • Pay per use option added
  • On different locations now shows value is in mm

LutraCAD Manager
  • Improved user experience
  • Visual update
  • Import: Scan dialog now clear what the buttons do
  • Import: When scanner is not available, gray out the options
  • Print: When current default printer is not available, select a new default printer
  • Order: Error messages now in LutraCAD style and multi language
  • Import: If no 3D scanner has been configured a message will be shown when 3D scan button has been used
  • Config: Red button for save
  • Client information less information
  • Client notes moved to client information

LutraCAD Insole
  • Personalize what should be shown on the order form (PDF export)
  • Orthopedic insole, checkbox to add front foot extension will only be show when usable
  • Rotating 2D scan will show pop-up to lock again instead of extra step
  • 3D Print splitted parts will also export as separate files
  • 3D Print Solid possible to enable/disable creating edge thickness
  • 3D Print Heel Block / Polypropylene Insole heel block offset can be adjusted and taper angle
  • Buttons/Commands will be shown when object is selected
  • Possible to use LutraCAD Quickbar, Side toolbars or combination
  • Show an insole thickness with podiatry insole/la vigne method in side view
  • Now shows message when function can not yet be used and which step you should complete first
  • Fullcontact-insole => change height and add sink will fill in text box automatically with current height
  • US Size table added

LutraCAD Last
  • Improved speed of converting scan to Rhino object
  • Export now tells if export is successful
  • Export will asks if it needs to open export directory
  • Rotating 2D scan will show pop-up instead of right clicking the step again

Bug fixes
  • Edit insole shape custom would hide podiatry shape (yellow shape/pattern)
  • If Rhino5 has been uninstalled. And you start LutraCAD with Rino5 and exception would occur
  • Importing a new 2D scan and cancelling the dialog will give an exception
  • Order: Dialog when a file is added to the order list now shows correct language
  • When database locations change LutraCAD will now restart to prevent confusion
  • Toolbars now work with Windows multi user login
  • Would show available licenses of old version
  • Would not select client when client information was changed

Version 1.4.6 (December 4, 2018)

LutraCAD Cloud
  • TestShoe module now touch friendly

LutraCAD Manager
  • Possible to import PDF images with both feet as 1 image
  • Compare 2D scans/images

LutraCAD Insole
  • 3D print solid improved

LutraCAD Last
  • Dutch toolbar added
  • Scale basic profile will not automatically scale both sides, but asks which side to scale if both sides have templates
  • Functions to add templates or low lasts to library
  • Possible to show/hide 2D scans
  • FoamBox 3D scans and foot 3D scans are separate objects
  • Merge 3D scan with last improved
  • Possible to measure foot/cast 3D scans

Bug fixes
  • 3D-Print heel block not working correctly in other Rhinoceros languages than English
  • Close BoundingBox and ControlPoints when pressing export
  • Italian LutraCAD Insole version would not load elements
  • On some computers would show NullReference when opening Rhinoceros
  • LutraCAD popup now shows immediately after opening a file, instead of thinking LutraCAD is stuck

Version 1.4.5 (October 15, 2018)

  • French and Italian languages added

LutraCAD Last
  • Design the basis of a lasts by dragging bars and clicking on buttons
  • Custom skin also added for last software
  • If available, will now show example of low last and templates

Bug fixes
  • If no last was selected before opening boundingbox, would not update leg measurements
  • When opening Rhinoceros for last software, Rhinoceros would not come to the foreground
  • When converting the insole to 3D print solid insoles would rarely disappear
  • Automatically flatten front foot with fullcontact-insoles was broken
  • When clicking 3 points for fullcontact-insoles, preview dots not always visible

Version 1.4.4 (September 25, 2018)

  • Rhino 6 uses scheme so default Rhino and LutraCAD are seperated

LutraCAD Insole
  • If a 3D scan is a closed mesh software will ask user to split scan by drawing a line

LutraCAD Last
  • If images for side view are used will now not become transparent
  • Separate toolbar for low lasts

Bug fixes
  • If taper cast is used in last software and an object is selected, the object was deleted
  • Would not add text on 3D print insole in other Rhinoceros language than English
  • Element trim would rarely keep the wrong part
  • Last smooth function would not draw smoothed area in Rhinoceros 6

Version 1.4.3 (September 6, 2018)

  • New module testshoe

LutraCAD Insole
  • Possible to export as STEP file

LutraCAD Last
  • New toolbar icons

Bug fixes
  • Move heel circumference line last software not working
  • Software would crash if , or . was used on leg circumference height
  • 3D print functions will now merge elements correctly
  • In rare occasions would not merge 3D scan with template
  • Would not convert insole to 3D print if only 1 fullcontact insole was designed
  • If Rhinoceros would be in other language as English would show wrong tooltip

Version 1.4.2 (August 13, 2018)

LutraCAD Manager
  • RSScan scans now saved binary and filesize a lot smaller, also the preview is faster
  • Account not activated message updated
  • When Rhinoceros is out of date Manager will tell current and required version

LutraCAD Insole
  • When converting the insole to 3D printable object the file will be saved as a new file
  • 3D print text now multi-line possible

LutraCAD Last
  • Now possible to determine measure position more accurate
  • Smooth/Pull possible to undo last drag
  • Import 3D scan separately
  • Make last fullcontact with 3D scan

Bug fixes
  • Fullcontact insole would become smaller when smooth was used
  • Merging template with 3D scan would sometimes fail
  • Cutting last for midsole would fail if object is invalid

Version 1.4.1 (July 26, 2018)

LutraCAD Insole
  • 3D Print solid insole thickness was not always correct
  • Export insole thickness height automatically filled in with default thickness

LutraCAD Last
  • Possible to save leg circumference heights

Bug fixes
  • 3D Print functions will not show SaveAs dialog
  • 3D Print export will not show insole thickness dialog
  • Rhino 6 panel text fell outside of panel
  • Customize manual was broken

Version 1.4.0 (July 9, 2018)

  • LutraCAD is now available for Rhinoceros 6

LutraCAD Manager
  • Search function in milling files
  • CommandLine installation
  • CommandLine configuration
  • CommandLine log-out
  • Possible to change Rhinoceros
  • Choose what you want to scan with RSScan scanners (last/foot/foambox)

LutraCAD Insole
  • Flown elements can't be edited
  • Insole thickness determined at export
  • Turn off object lock when boundingbox is active

LutraCAD Last
  • Possible to enable import of 2D side scans
  • Turn off object lock when boundingbox is active
  • Automatically rebuild last after merging

Bug fixes
  • Crash when Rhinoceros not installed in default location
  • 3D Print Occasionally would not merge sink/dent
  • 2D Scaling setting in manager would not accept decimals
  • Fixed multiple bugs when designing midsole

Version 1.3.14 (June 5, 2018)

  • When opening a file will bring last opened file to front
  • New update available dialog
  • LutraCAD will check if your Rhinoceros version is compatible with LutraCAD

LutraCAD Last
  • Possible to increase last/cast height
  • Recalculate circumference leg measurement lines after increasing/decreasing last/cast height

Version 1.3.13 (May 15, 2018)

  • WRL files are now compatible
  • RSScan pressure plates now work with LutraCAD via RSScan Agent
  • Sometimes minimized Rhinoceros 5 when saved manual
  • When exporting milling speed dialog will not show when not generating PDF and not generating milling file

LutraCAD Insole
  • Current heel rise with 3/4th length insole was incorrect
  • 3D print now generates a lot faster
  • 3D Print now possible to add custom text on bottom
  • 3D Print solid insole thickness now customizable

LutraCAD Last
  • Leg measurements now multiple heights possible and auto update
  • Now also detects heel rise of casts
  • Measuring lasts updated

LutraCAD Supplement
  • Software remembered 5 points clicked from previous lasts when generating supplements
  • Will now group supplement top and bottom automatically
  • When feed-rates or mills adjusted refill drop-down menus

Version 1.3.12 (April 12, 2018)

  • Background will not be deleted when Importing blueprints/pressureplate images
  • When importing a 3D file. Colors will be removed
  • Possible to turn on TWAIN dialog when scanning 2D

LutraCAD Last
  • Last software will now load correct customer
  • Option to remove the thickness of the cast
  • Smooth function bug fix
  • Possible to measure leg circumference at given height
  • Possible to also cut off cast at given height instead of only last
  • When cast or last has been cut off ShrinkTrimmedSrf to prevent problems in later stage

Version 1.3.11 (January 30, 2018)

  • Adding new elements with no name now possible
  • Rhinoceros 5 starts when LutraCAD starts, now scans are opened in up to 500% faster

LutraCAD Last
  • Last software now compatible with other Rhinoceros 5 languages than English
  • Last toolbars work in other Rhinoceros 5 languages
  • Last software is now able to process open 3D scans better

Bug fixes
  • importing 3D scans with Orthopedic insole did not work properly

Version 1.3.10 (December 19, 2017)

LutraCAD Insole
  • 3/4th length insole button added under "Export" button
  • Convert to positive button can now be found under "Export" button
  • 2 3D print functions added and can be found under the "Export" button and convert the insole to 3D printable objects

LutraCAD Last
  • Now possible to add elements and merge them with the last

Bug fixes
  • When clicked on scan, in the manager, multiple times before scanner starts, would get Source Error
  • Merging template with 3D scan of foot would not merge sometimes
  • Would sometimes automatically log out

Version 1.3.9 (December 5, 2017)

  • PDF export hides empty fields

  • Software does not crash after name change when client search has been used
  • If backspace was used to change object height in right panel Rhinoceros 5 would crash

New - Last software
  • Smooth function did sometimes not work at the nose
  • Smooth function would crash Rhinoceros 5 sometimes
  • Nose does not scale anymore with auto scale function
  • Sometimes did not merge template with scan

Version 1.3.8 (September 26, 2017)

  • Adjust heel width

  • Name of client will be printed at the bottom left when printing 2D scans

Version 1.3.7 (September 3, 2017)

  • Now possible to directly control ZSMMaatwerk 3D scanner
  • Custom fields in PDF
  • When BoundingBox active not possible to select anything else than grips
  • When ESC-key pressed BoundingBox will close
  • Automatically position 3D scan

  • Message when no license available
  • Message when setting custom skin
  • Message when not right .NET framework installed
  • Message when starting FullContact insole and no 3D scans available
  • Message when generating FullContact insole
  • Message after export complete with link to export directory
  • Message when trying to connect to 3D scanner
  • When Import 3D scan is set to manual, always ask if bottom is visible
  • Selected points visible when importing 3D scans
  • Insoles start on Y=0 instead of Y=10 to length confusion

  • Fixed error when trying to update skin when no internet available
  • Fixed when new update installed update skin toolbar skins
  • Fixed error when invalid RSScan private key is used
  • Fixed several text issues
  • Delete file when 0 objects are in file when closing
  • Pronation/Supination detection correct now

Version 1.3.6 (July 31, 2017)

  • Possible to change import dimension scaling for 3D scans
  • When exporting as STL possible to export left and right separate
  • Custom skin possible on request
  • Possible to flow element/sink on other element

  • Generating 3D Fullcontact-insole speed increased
  • PDF export

Version 1.3.5 (June 27, 2017)

  • When first time using FullContact insole, LutraCAD will ask if bottom of foot is visible
  • Customize template manually
  • Direct 3D scan with RSScan 3D scanner

  • Faster loading 3D examples
  • Negative flip / 3D print functions check if all elements are flown

  • Some text in buttons on wrong position
  • Positive molds now works with dents/sinks
  • OBJ files example visible
  • Several small bug fixes

Version 1.3.4 (May 24, 2017)

  • Scanner contrast adjustable in 6 different steps
  • Possible to scan blueprints in 2 times, adjustable in settings > Import
  • Functions to easily adjust width and length of insole, can be found under Edit Size
  • 2 New 3D print functions for Solid and Heel block

  • When opening existing file, will not ask for new 2D scan selection
  • Will open Rhinoceros 5 maximized
  • After logout back to login screen
  • Text corrections
  • At Fullcontact insole Step 4: Insole height will automatically fill in left height at right foot
  • When adjusting shoe size automatically fill in current size
  • When clicking Fullcontact insole and no 3D scans available for this client then software will not continue it's functions, but will show a message/warning
  • LutraCAD will not always restart when settings are adjusted. Only when necessary

  • Login screen is now full screen
  • Will not give message "LutraCAD is already open" when trying to find database location again
  • No error when Show Mesh is pressed if only left or right is visible and scans already visible

Version 1.3.2 (April 20, 2017)

  • When log in change LutraCAD 2D and 3D to LutraCAD Basic and Premium
  • Possible to take a monthly license
  • Round object height on 1 decimal
  • Possible to turn off images in PDF export
  • Added cover materials in PDF

  • Use selected printer in settings while calibrating printer
  • Error while importing some OBJ files. Importing possible, preview not always
  • Save printer/scanner settings in LutraCAD directory to keep settings when updating
  • Sometimes when generating FullContact Insole not right result
  • Client(ext) did not show right 2D and 3D scans
  • Flow selected elements also trims insole for dents
  • Object height change extreme big when comma used instead of dot
  • Pronations/Supination elements do not rotate

Version 1.3.1 (April 11, 2017)

  • Keep settings of previous version when installing update
  • When first time start-up automatically detect how LutraCAD will be used
  • If design license is selected, detect if Rhinoceros 5 is installed. If not tell user to install Rhinoceros 5
  • LutraCAD usable for smaller screens. Minimum screen size is now: 1280x720
  • When using order system, possible to choose LutraCAD mail settings as sender

  • Possible to use Rhinoceros 5 in all languages. Before only possible in English
  • Rebuild of NegativeFlip command (convert to positive mold)
  • If export location is not found. LutraCAD will not automatically reset this setting to default location

Bugfixes Manager
  • After adding 3D files to client directly select/show them
  • In settings textbox for distance between blocks visible
  • When logging in, error message when closing LutraCAD
  • Log in time shorter. When logging in less times connecting to server.

Bugfixes Plugin
  • When adding 2D scans, automatically relocate them to center of insoles
  • When adjusting shoe size elements did not scale right
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